The Top 5 MTB Travel Destinations
MTB MTB Travel Destinations Top MTB Travel Destinations

The Top 5 MTB Travel Destinations

When it comes to making the most out of your mountain bike hobby, there are a lot of travel destinations that you will want to reach out to. With this in mind, you will have all that you need to enjoy a rock solid trip in locations that can give you all that you need out of your travels and your bike riding. To learn which locations are the best in this regard, read on and apply these tips as you book a trip that will be useful to you.

#1: Whistler, BC

Without question, this is one of the best spots that you can turn to if you are an avid mountain biker. You will be able to take advantage of one of the most world-renowned downhill mountain bike parks in the world. You can do this while also taking in the sights of lush and beautiful mountains and greenery. Many people consider this the absolute best mountain biking trail and area in the world if you are looking to take on a major challenge. There are plenty of trails in this area that you can take advantage of in order to challenge yourself and pushing your fitness.

#2: Moab, Utah

This is an excellent city to turn to if you are a mountain biker. The reason for this is that you are mixing dry, arid land with beautiful nature and elevation. You can take advantage of a lot of the trails in this area, which have plenty of red rock and which will give your bike a challenge. In addition to the scenery, you will be able to stay in beautiful accommodations and take advantage of some of the tourist activity in the local and surrounding area.

#3: McKenzie River Trail in Eugene, OR

This is an incredible track which will push you and provide exhilaration. The reason for this is that this track spans approximately 27 miles and is filled with twists, turns and curves. The track is very smooth, so you do not need to worry about a bumpy ride or blowing a flat in most pieces. Eugene is a beautiful area that is filled with scenic nature that you will enjoy taking in. So step up your helmet and stop by in order to enjoy various elevations, beautiful mountain views and excellent River stops that will allow you to enjoy nature and take a break.

#4: Munds Wagon Trail in Sedona, AZ

If you are out West and want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your bike, stop by this trail. This is an 8 mile trail that has a climb of more than 1200 feet. You will be able to enjoy the twists and turns as they come along, in addition to the beautiful mountains and valleys central to the Coconino National Forest area. This is an excellent area to stop by and you will be able to also find plenty of lodging and tourist attractions in the local and surrounding area.

By focusing on these four areas, you have plenty in front of you in terms of finding the bike trail that will suit you the most. There are a lot of people who set out to gain mastery over cycling, but you really can’t push the limits until you try out some great trails. These trails mix a challenge when riding with beautiful nature and scenery. So if these four locations intrigue you, make sure that you do everything that you can to learn about these trails before booking your flight.

#5 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a meca for mountain biking and has a number of famous stage races who call it home. The Cape Epic is one of the most well known and watched. The best way to travel around and experience this fantastic city and area is on a bicycle tour Cape Town special offered by the bicycle tour companies in the area. Make sure to try and ride on the peninsula tour and Table Mountain.

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