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5 Best Mountain Bike Trails in Moab

Selecting the best 5 trails in Moab is a little like picking your own favorite music. It will depend on what sort of mood you are in, your degree of energy or the way your day has been. Perhaps you wish to blow off several steam, pick up your plush all-mountain steed as well as thrash your path down the gnarliest thing you could find, or perhaps you wish to break a sweat, jump on your hardtail and thrash your way up the gnarliest thing you could find. You can find particular individual trail segments which could be deemed the overall best within their categories. Below are the top five trail segments which constitute for the very best riding around the Moab region and must certainly be in your list whenever visiting.



This kind of trail phase around the Magnificent 7 trail system is a thing that you intend to queue up to your playlist along with the songs which get you into that extreme yet calm state of mind in which you can simply run across the landscape. The trail is not at all simple. It’s likely in the average degree of technical complexity, however, it’s got the perfect degree of downhill pitch to help keep you running with little pedaling while simply being technical enough to prevent you from getting excessive speed.


This particular trail is most likely, at this time, the crowning jewel of latest Moab trail building. Constructed by local cyclists to be unapologetically complex, this is the perfect example of Moab’s variation of “All Mountain” riding. With plenty of obligatory drops as well as steep technical descents, usually with hardly any caution, this particular trail keeps you on your feet. And amidst the heart beating thrills are a few fantastic flowy descents.


Just like its namesake, Alaska is the most northern trail system around Klondike Bluffs. The trails you choose to arrive at and return back from this particular trail segment can make the whole ride a non-stop power “trail ride” or a fairly fast “all mountain” type run. Then again the thing that truly makes this particular trail stand out (not to mention its incredible riding) is the place. This starts by making its way across a ridge which looks over Arches National Park’s Salt Valley as well as the sandstone fins over and above.


Again we visit the Magnificent 7 trail system. This particular trail is recognized as the “top” of all the trail system. This is the trail which begins at the topmost parking region/trailhead and so the trail almost all people will cycle first in the region. And this doesn’t let you down. This is yet another “all mountain” type trail riding down around one thousand feet along 4.7 miles. Try not to be confused into thinking this is only a downhill trip though; this kind of trail is really physical. You will be sweating excessively because it enables you to work in order to sustain your pace and also to manage its numerous difficult slick rock obstacles.


The truth of the matter is that both of these trail segments are likely 2 of the best epic trails in the area. You’re biking across the edge of the 200-foot high cliff looking below the Castle Valley, among the most panoramic valleys throughout canyon country, and the riding is truly incredible. You have the super-fun slick rock roller-coaster spots around the wide Ponderosa Pine forest, fast and tight swoopy curves around the pinyon/juniper forests, and all with small-scale technical falls all the way through. It simply doesn’t get a lot better.